A New Beginning

It has been years since I have posted on this site. After over 6 years of building, life called me away. Adulthood demands its sweat and blood. Independence is a full time job which demands a full time job. Thus, I pushed away from a platform built to create some space of positivity in a world that feeds on dysfunction and confusion. 

My return is to reclaim my original purpose of this space: somewhere to platform not only myself, but other things that needed to be seen. There are claims that people are tired of mess and shade. Perhaps it is time to build and maintain a space that embraces good things in this world. I’m ready to begin again. I hope that anyone who finds their way here will find something that makes something better of their time. We’ll see. In the mean time, I pray freedom and good in this world. However much ugliness we may see, beauty persists. 






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